14th International Conference „Mycotoxins and moulds”


At the beginning

Since the very beginnings the city history has associated with the Brda river. In its picturesque meanders the king Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) found Mlynska Island and established the fortified stronghold there. Through the centuries its character was changing. The city was once growing and then getting smaller because of wars or diseases decimating its inhabitants. It got the second wind at the beginning of 18th century after Bydgoski Canal was built. The ancient commercial character of the town has remained to these days. Rotter’s mills from 17th-19th century, groats stores, granaries to which Bydgoski Canal leads among unique monuments of civil engineering like sluices recalling great and sentimental image of the past époque.

Not only Secession

The birth of a large town of the time of industrial revolution is reflected in the beautiful architecture of eclectic tenements with baroque, renaissance and gothic details. The facilities of one of banks erected at Brda are appreciated not only by the city inhabitants and tourists but also by the best architects in Poland and Europe who granted it prizes and distinctions. The new look of the city is supplemented by nonstandard buildings of Sports and Performance Hall or the Air Port which constitutes the window on the world of Bydgoszcz and at the same time – the city visiting card.

Meet the Muses

Bydgoszcz inhabitants especially praise arts. The proofs of that may be found around anytime as Filharmonia Pomorska famous for exceptional acoustics gathers numerous crowds of music lovers in concerts and international music festivals. Polish and foreign renowned artists give concerts here. The monumental building of Filharmonia is located in the neighbourhood of the Music Academy. Art lovers’ demand for music is supplied by Opera ‘Nova’ where each year famous Polish and European music theatres perform within the frames of Bydgoszcz Opera Festival.Hundreds of young people from all over the world sing and dance during ‘Bydgoszcz Music Impressions’. However Bydgoszcz is not only music. Teatr Polski invites to annual Festival of Theatre Private Views during which theatres from all over Poland share their best performance explorations. For fine arts lovers the hospitable place of Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych (Artistic Exhibitions Bureau) is open. Museum Okregowe (the Regional Museum) is proud of rich collection of paining and contemporary graphics and of the only in Poland just being created Phonographic Department with unique collection of players, gramophones, radio receivers, and several thousands of records. Military accessories fans can see display units of Polish weapons since ancient times till the current times in the Pomorskie Muzeum Wojskowe (Pomeranian Army Museum). Muzeum Dyplomacji i Uchodzstwa Polskiego (Museum of Diplomacy and Polish Exile) allows to look at the history of Poland through the prism of documents and exhibits displayed there.

In the glamour of sports

Each year Bydgoszcz inhabitants with pride and joy host the best sportsmen of Europe. This refers to athletics, speedway or aquatic sports e.g. rowing or canoeing. As the capital of Polish athletics Bydgoszcz has already organized Youth World Championships u18 in Athletics, European Championships u 23 and European Festival of Athletics and SPAR European Cup. For sports fans from Bydgoszcz speedway is the discipline which triggers great emotions. Here the event called ‘Kryterium Asow Polskich Lig Zuzlowych’ opens the season and the Grand Prix in speedway which has for years taken place in Bydgoszcz crowns all. Each season of the year (besides winter) best Polish oarsmen and canoeists train on the Brda, Bydgoski Canal and the regatta track. Bydgoszcz is the place where rowing and canoeing talents are perfected. The new Sports and Performance Hall is the result of efforts made to present sports in the highest level and in modern facilities. Many other sports facilities are available for sports lovers: swimming pools, oar boats and canoe marinas, regatta track, shootingrange, carting track, bowling centre, squash hall and a golf-course which will be open soon.

Photos were made available by Department of Culture and City Promotion, City Hall of Bydgoszcz. www.bydgoszcz.pl